Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lecture notes on Biochemistry

This is the section in which I will provide the good power points/PDF slides which contains all the Medical Biochemistry lecture notes. You can download it for your references. If you use it, you must give the acknowledgement to the authors of the slides. Use it for academic purposes only.

Topics in Biochemistry lectures:
1. Introduction to Biochemistry
2. Acids Base and Buffers
3/4. The Fed and Fasting state
5/6. Major body compounds
7-9. Amino acids and Proteins
10. Enzymes as Catalyst
11/12. Regulation of Enzymes
13/14. Cell Signaling
15. Bioenergetics
16. Glycolysis
17. TCA Cycle
18. Oxidative Phosphorylation
19. Fatty Acid and Ketone bodies metabolism
20. Oxygen toxicity and Free Radical
21. Ethanol Metabolism
22. Digestion and Transport

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